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Bonsai Hero hand held bud trimmer

Bonsai Hero

Bonsai Hero – Up to 3 times faster than manual trimming!

The Bonsai Hero trimmer is a very popular and excellent hand held pot and marijuana trimmer.

It trims up to 3 times faster than if you were to do it by hand. It is very user friendly and safe around your fingers.

They last up to 5,000 hours and come ready to plug in and start trimming away! The Bonsai Hero is a professional trimmer with proven, excellent results.

It is a great alternative to hand trimmer if you desire a hand trimmed product.

Many users who just can’t bear to put their product through an automatic pot trimming machine will use Bonsai Hero to speed up their harvest time.

They are highly recommended by everyone who uses them and are a great bang for your buck!

Bonsai Hero Technical Information

- 12 Cuts per second

- Up to 5k hours

- EU, USA or UK power
supply included, also
runs on a car battery

- 46 dB

- Lightweight: less than 10 oz

- Solid construction

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