EZ Trim – The Wander Trimmer

EZ Trim's The Wander Trimmer

EZ Trim – The Wander Trimmer – Effortlessly manicure all of your flowers to perfection!

EZ Trim – The Wander Trimmer Details

The EZ Trim Wander Trimmer is known to Trim up to 1 POUND of Plant Material an hour!!!

The EZ Trim Wander Trimmer offers you the time savings of a mechanical trimmer at a fraction of the cost, while not damaging your product (or your fingers ;) and still allowing you to hang dry.

The EZ Trim Wander Trimmer not only saves you time but is built to last and last. Cleaning and assembly take but a few minutes and all parts are replaceable.

Trim all day, every day, while your undamaged trimmings are captured and ready for processing.

Both the speed of the cutting blade and suction from the vacuum are fully adjustable allowing for full control as you quickly and effortlessly manicure all of your flowers to perfection.

The Wander Trimmer is the perfect solution for the connoisseur who demands a hand quality trim in a fraction of the time!

Made in USA

One Year Warranty.

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The Whip Trimmer – Model 215S

The Whip

The Whip Trimmer – From friction to perfection!

The Whip Trimmer Details

The Whip Trimmer is a unique trimmer that uses friction to trim your product!

The Whip Trimmer comes complete with a power trimming head with an in-line filter canister.

Simply hook your own shop vac or household vacuum to the hose connection on the whip trimmer to provide filtration.

The 3-layer Trichome collection bag system traps and separates your trimmings and is included in your order.

An optional built in work light is available.

Operating Instructions

1. Ensure that appropriate filter bags are in the filter can before operating machine.

2. Firmly press the filter can lid in place to create a good seal.

3. Plug The Whip Trimmer power cord into appropriate outlet.

4. Plug vacuum canister into appropriate outlet.

5. Turn power switch to vacuum canister on.

6. Turn power switch to trimmer head on.

7. Pass product near the outer edge of the trimming wheel to remove material.

8. When processing is complete, turn off power to trimmer and vacuum.

9. Remove filter can lid.

10. Remove and empty filter bags.


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The Triminator Bud Trimmer

The Triminator

The Triminator – The most technologically advanced trimmer on earth!

The Triminator Overview

The Triminator was born out of necessity for a trimmer that could trim faster, cut closer, and run longer without cleaning.

Focusing exclusively on the rigorous demands of commercial growers and trim crews, our engineers re-imagined the Triminator from the ground up.

This trimmer is the most technologically advanced trimmer on earth!

It’s progressive patent pending design is built entirely from industrial grade components, ensuring a lifetime of speed and precision.


The industry’s longest and widest drum – provides up to 30% more cutting area

Resin Repel self cleaning mist system – slashes costly cleaning time

Trim Logic Close Cut Geometry – delivers hand trim quality results

EVR Sharp Blades – drastically reduce blade sharpening

Safe Trim Motor Break – Keeps workers SAFE!


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Centurion Pro Trimmer

Centurion Pro Trimmer

Centurion Pro Trimmer. Quite simply, it’s the best trimmer in the world.

The Centurion Pro Trimmer is the latest creation from the original manufacturer of the world’s very first tumble style trimmers.

The engineering simplicity leads it to being the most efficient trimmers of all, while requiring minimal upkeep due to the modular design that makes it easier to clean and maintain.

The compact size, durability, and a low weight makes this unit the most portable on the market.

Winner of the 2012 STASH Award, High Times Magazine dubs it “A true innovation and leader in the next generation of automated trimmers.”

Why buy a Centurion Pro Trimmer?

Portability – At only 95 lbs, and with a measurement of 26” H x 30” L x 13” W, the Centurion Pro Trimmer is small enough to fit in any size vehicle.

Security/Cost Efficiency – The Centurion Pro Trimmer replaces the need to hire approximately 25 employees and it only costs a fraction of what the competitors charge.

Speed/Quality – No other trimmer on the market provides the speed and precision of the Centurion Pro Trimmer.

Less Waste – Raisin sized pieces are processed safely through the Centurion Pro Trimmer. Humans disregard pieces that small.

Design – The Centurion Pro Trimmer is designed to function with only one motor which means it uses less electricity.

The Centurion Pro Trimmer machine is an engineering masterpiece. Its triple-cut system ensures that trimming is accomplished quickly and thoroughly the first time. This efficiency means saving time and money.

Build Quality/Parts:

Metal construction ensures durability and stability.

Single Belt Drive results in a simple yet most effective solution. This enables all parts and blades to turn at just the perfect speed relative to each other!

High quality motor draws only 7 amps.

Modular construction means it is simple to take apart and put together with minimal tools.


Blades are made of D2 Hardened Steel with a hardness factor of Rockwell 59 (Other trimmers use Rockwell 35).

Blades will hold their edge 50x longer than competitors blades.

A patented rare earth magnet system holds the blade in place, allowing for quick removal and easy adjustment

Sharpening, if required, can be done on site with a hand stone.

Form Factor:

Compact size and light weight make it perfect for transport.

Easy to handle with lockable wheels.


Only requires 2 Allen wrenches for complete dis-assembly in less than 10 minutes.

Pressure washable for cleaning.

Only adjustment necessary on the machine is for the blade.

Modular build ensures every part is easily accessible and removable.


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Twister T2 Leaf Trimmer

Twister T2 Trimmer

The Twister T2 Leaf Trimmer – The Cadillac of marijuana trimming machines.

The Twister T2 Leaf Trimmer is the Cadillac of marijuana trimming machines. It combines industrial strength and durability with precision cutting abilities.

It is pressure washable and can stand the test of time due to its rugged frame and heavy duty off road tires.

The Twister T2 Leaf Trimmer is as fast as it is gentle. Twister just released a new Twister T2 Leaf Trimmer model which is the second generation Twister.

It is supposed to be 25% more effective than the original Twister. It offers an extremely close cut as well as more power to turn and trim those bigger crops!

We have had Twister T2 Leaf Trimmers in our rental fleet for two years now and they have more than likely seen more product than any other Twister does and we haven’t had any problems with them.

The only reported problem is that the tunnel will bend over time causing it to strike the blade.

The Twister T2 Leaf Trimmer is very easy to operate and has a 2 HP Leaf collector that gathers all of your trim. The leaf collector is fairly heavy as is the machine but keep in mind it is an industrial trimmer.

For the ultimate bud trimming experience you can put two Twister T2 Leaf Trimmer machines end to end and trim more herbage than you ever dreamed of!

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TrimPro XL Review

Trimpro XL

TrimPro XL – Faster than any other TrimPro product out there!

The TrimPro XL is a beast of a leaf trimmer! It has a very high capacity and is built for industrial use. With a capacity 5 times that of the Automatik, it is highly recommended for outdoor crops and for very dense buds due to the high velocity of the fans.

The TrimPro XL has a variable speed adjustable fan that operates 6 blades with fans attached to them. It allows for small to large loads to be put into the machine and trimmed faster than any other TrimPro product out there!

TrimPro XL Technical Details

Mounted machine: 39″ x 36″ x 51″ Height
Packaging: 35″ x 35″ x 31″ Height

Machine only: 162 Lbs
Machine and packaging: 195 Lbs

Frame: Aluminum
Grate: Steel

Option 1: (STD): large slots only (7/16″)
Option 2: small : Small slots only (1/4″)

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The Green Machine Trimmer

The Green Machine Trimmer

The Green Machine – I’ll get that trim job done for you!

The Green Machine Trimmer Details

The green machine trimmer is a great machine. The design, aesthetics and set up are quite simple and bland but the fundamental trimming components are spot on.

Some precise engineering and heavy ingenuity went into building the green machine trimmer and the craftsmanship shows that.

Extremely well built, sturdy and rock solid, a very durable unit. Also has a nice cover to keep it hidden and safe when not in use, and very easy to maneuver around.

All and all, a great machine, a work horse, and I give it two green thumbs up!!


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The Satellite Trimmer

The Satellite Trimmer

The Satellite Trimmer – It’s out of this world!

The Satellite Trimmer Details

The Satellite Trimmer is by far the superior machine when it comes to stand up trimmers. It is engineered specifically for this industry.

The Satellite Trimmer was developed in Colorado working closely with the medical pot industry. It utilizes wind powered technology as well as industrial strength rubber fingers that help move the product along the grate.

Its grate is specially designed to cause the least amount of agitation as possible as the pot flows along the grate. It has a one piece blade that has 12 cutting surfaces!

The 2012 model is retro fitted so that the blade/motor assembly pulls right out of the machine as one piece.

The Satellite feature a very powerful and adjustable upper and lower motor which powers the blades and fingers that propel the product.

Two powerful speakers are mounted on top of the motor to allow the user to listen to their mp3 or IPod while trimming. One great thing about The Satellite is the fact that it operates very quietly. 

It has a large bag that the whole unit breaks down and fits into so it is also very discreet.

All in all The satellite Trimmer is my personal favorite machine and in my opinion is the best bang for your buck of any trimmer on the market!

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How To: trimming buds on marijuana plants with spinpro trimmer

There have been a lot of searches on this particular topic so we want to try to help point out the correct way to use the SpinPro Trimmer.

1) Trim Before Drying
Trim BEFORE drying! Ff you dont you will incredibly frustrated. The reason is you want the leafs fresh and sticking out so they slip through the grate and get snipped off. If you have ever dried a bud before trimming you know it sucks all the leafs in tight against the bud making it damn near impossible for the spinpro to chop anything off.

2) Keep it clean
If you don’t wipe down your trimmer, you need to start.

3) Dont overpack it
Shoot for around 2 oz at a time

4) Make sure to rotate enough
You will need to do 20+ rotations, somewhere around 25-30 for 2 oz is the sweet spot

Good luck, good trimming!

Trim Pro Automatik Reviews

Trim Pro Automatik

Trim Pro Automatik – Superior machine, priced right!

Trim Pro Automatik Details

The Trim Pro Automatik is a great vortex (wind powered) trimmer for small to medium gardens. It uses wind power to propel the pot around a grate that has 4 cutting blades underneath.

It is very gentle as well as extremely quiet.

The dimmer switch on the new model makes it the little brother of the TrimPro XL.

It has a variable speed control which allows the user to adjust the velocity inside the machine making it a great machine for all types of pot.

The Trim Pro Automatik has 4 tempered steel blades that are height adjustable. It has a leaf collector bag underneath to catch all of your trim.

The Trim Pro Automatik is a superior machine in its price class and a great value. It does a better quality of job than the TrimPro XL but does not process as much weight at once.

It is very durable and breaks down so that it fits in any small trunk or the back of a suv.

The Trim Pro Automatik is the wind powered trimmer you are looking for if you want a top quality trim job!

If you are looking for a machine that cut larger quantities in lesser amounts of time then you better raise your trimmer budget!


Mounted machine: 18″ x 24.5″ x 41″
Packaging: 22″ x 22″ x 24″

Approximated Weight: 79 lbs.

Frame: Aluminum
Grate: Steel

Trim pro Automatik (STD): Slot size 1/4″


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Trim Pro Rotor Reviews

Trim Pro Rotor

Trim Pro Rotor – Superbly gentle, extremely effective!

The Trim Pro Rotor is the superior trimmer in its class.

When it comes to smaller trimmers that use leather or rubber fingers to move the product along the grate the Trim Pro Rotor is the best in its class! It employs leather fingers that move the product over a non-stick grate.

It is very user friendly being that it only has two on and off switches on the top motor of the machine that power the upper fingers and lower blade.  The lower blade is a made of tempered steel and is very sharp! It can be easily sharpened as needed.

The Trim Pro Rotor is extremely easy to clean being that the grate just lifts right out of the machine and is very light weight and durable.  T

The Trim Pro Rotor has a user friendly door that allows for seamless operation of the machine. You pop the door open to empty the machine and throw more pot right in it, the machine never needs to stop running.

The Trim Pro Rotor is very discreet and works well when you have multiple Rotors going at once. It is very quiet and allows the user to fit it in the trunk of any compact car. 

The Trim Pro Rotor is very nice when used with the workstation. It is a small investment to turn your Rotor into a self-sufficient trim catching trimmer that is very ergonomically effective.

The Trim Pro Rotor is great for small to medium sized gardens and you can’t beat the price or Trim Pro’s Warranty!

Trim Pro Rotor technical Details

Mounted machine: 16″ Diameter x 21″
Packaging: 21″ x 21″ x 24″


Machine only: 30 Lbs.
Machine and packaging: 42 Lbs.

Frame: Aluminum
Grate: Steel

Trim pro Rotor (STD): Slots size 1/4″

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Bonsai Hero hand held bud trimmer

Bonsai Hero

Bonsai Hero – Up to 3 times faster than manual trimming!

The Bonsai Hero trimmer is a very popular and excellent hand held pot and marijuana trimmer.

It trims up to 3 times faster than if you were to do it by hand. It is very user friendly and safe around your fingers.

They last up to 5,000 hours and come ready to plug in and start trimming away! The Bonsai Hero is a professional trimmer with proven, excellent results.

It is a great alternative to hand trimmer if you desire a hand trimmed product.

Many users who just can’t bear to put their product through an automatic pot trimming machine will use Bonsai Hero to speed up their harvest time.

They are highly recommended by everyone who uses them and are a great bang for your buck!

Bonsai Hero Technical Information

- 12 Cuts per second

- Up to 5k hours

- EU, USA or UK power
supply included, also
runs on a car battery

- 46 dB

- Lightweight: less than 10 oz

- Solid construction

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How long does it take to trim marijuana by hand?

When making a decision on what trimmer to buy, you may wonder about just buying basic shears.  Before you decide you are going to trim your pot by hand, take a look at the steps required to trim by hand:

1) At harvest, and when all the fan leaves have been removed, leave the plant in the earth if possible (it’s held securely there) and use a pruning tool to cut each branch off where it meets the main stalk, starting with those nearest the ground. It may be necessary to use a pruning saw for the very big bottom branches.

2) Having collected all your branches, and again using your pruning tool, snip the side branches from the big main branches at their base or into manageable sizes.

3) The remaining true leaves are now removed from all the branches. A firm tug on each leaf stalk might be one person’s preferred method, and clipping might be another’s. These leaves have little THC content and normally go to compost.

4) When the marijuana is well cured, i.e., the branches themselves are essentially dry, you can bend the small leaves that grow out of the buds off at their stems to snap them off.


This may work well for a small harvest, but if you are looking to increase your efficiency, it will easily pay dividends to buy one of the larger machines.

Spin Pro Review

Spin Pro

Spin Pro – Simple and hassle free!

The Original Spin Pro Trimmer Details

-A stainless steel gearbox with Japanese POM plastic casing
-Dishwasher proof parts for easy aftercare
-23 replacement cutting wires
-1 year parts warranty

This Trimmer is perfect for small to medium harvests and extractions.

Hand-turn the flowers over the medical grade stainless steel grill, while the stainless steel bowl catches the leaves for later use.

The simple non-electric design makes this bowl trimmer hassle-free and almost impossible to break.

Takes less than 5 minutes to put together.

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